Programme outline

Check out the programme outline* for TechBio Boost:

Week 1-2

Week 3-4

16 October

Week 5-6

Intro & Onboard

  • Welcome, overview, introductions
  • Mentorship kick-off

TechBio Specific

  • Workshops on drug discovery and diagnostics/imaging
  • Interactive sessions with industry experts

TechBio UK (BIA conference)

  • Free entry
  • Partnering with collaborators, investors; network with peers & experts

Scaling & Company Building

  • Strategies for scaling up in TechBio
  • Team development, culture and DEI, leadership

Week 7-8

Week 9-10

Week 10-11

Week 11-12

Mentorship/Peer learning

  • Check-in on mentoring
  • Group coaching
  • Peer learning/sharing

Pharma engagement

  • Understanding what corporates want
  • 1-2-1 with industry professionals
  • Pharma showcase

Investor engagement

  • Crafting a compelling pitch
  • 1-2-1 with investors
  • Investor showcase

Graduation & Network Dinner

  • Dinner & pitching
  • Learnings and evaluation
  • Post-programme support and engagement

Beyond the TechBio Boost programme:

  • One free year’s membership of the BIA for companies completing the programme and the opportunity to participate in the BIA TechBio Community
  • Continued network and community alumni events run by KQ Labs and the BIA
  • Opportunity to develop mentor relationships with experienced C-Suite and management teams

*Programme is indicative and subject to change